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About Me: Cindy Ng X.Y
Profile: A lady residing at the western side of Singapore. This happens to be a place where I can freely express myself and talk about the happenings in my life. Sorry if it's boring! :P
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Never be bullied into silence. Never allow yourself to be made a victim.
Accept no one's definition of your life; define yourself.
- Harvey Fierstein
♥ 不在乎天长地久,只在乎曾经拥有 ♥
02 July 2013
虽然在写的时候,眼泪一直掉下来, 但我还是很开心。
我已经放手了, 我会一直勇敢的走下去。
以前很深爱你的我, 已经不在了。 
我曾经被你爱过, 我很开心, 没有后悔。
感觉自己长大了, 看得开了, 不再恨你, 也不怪你。
我不伤心了, 因为至少我曾经拥有过。
Thank you for all the memories you have given me, be it good or bad.
I only wish you the best now.
Although I am not the one, but I still hope you can get a suitable partner to accompany you till old age. 

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♥ What will you do? ♥
22 May 2013
What will you do if you're being lied to, broken promises and disappointed?

 I regret this decision of mine.

I realised that some people are not worth your care, love, concern, time and money.
Only can blame myself for being trusting and naive, it's true that a leopard will never change its spots.

I'm really a fool.. I pray you will have your karma soon.

Just fuck off from my life and never come back.

This time I'm for real.

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♥ No Doubt ♥
07 May 2013
All time fav song. Enjoy :)

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♥ Happy Labour Day to all labourers! ♥
02 May 2013
Happy Labour day to all the labourers! Including myself okay! Hahaha.

Yes we all deserve that public holiday, for working so hard okay.... Cannot wait for the next public holiday on 24th May. Long weekend somemore! Hope BF will have an off day to accompany me...

Anyway, I took half day leave yesterday & after work went to meet BF @ Bugis Plus, went to eat lunch @ Suki-ya cos BF craving for the sweet soup base. For me I don't really like the sweetness, so I chose Kimuchi as the soup base instead. 1 flavor each person, hahaha.

After lunch we went shop shop and walk around Bugis Junction.. Saw there is a Iron Man 3 exhibition? Or something. Alot of Iron Man figurines were on display. Managed to take a few pics.

 photo 20130430_172051_zps1ad72631.jpg

 photo 20130430_172228_zps6b7d7c9e.jpg

 photo 20130430_172441_zpsca617b9b.jpg

Doesn't this looks so real....? Amazing..
 photo 20130430_172508_zps541144c8.jpg

 photo 20130430_172516_zps6bacf6b8.jpg

 photo 20130430_172528_zps9a1b7b66.jpg

Then went to Kinokuniya.. BF saw a japanese hairstyles book and he bought it. Hahaha he is so vain lor...
More vain than me =)

Walked back to his home.... Took pics together.. Been a long time since we taken pics =)

 photo C360_2013-04-30-19-04-52-557_zps58c4ea6a.jpg

Surprised when he suddenly kissed my head, didnt expect it but sweet of him~ ^.^
 photo C360_2013-04-30-19-04-42-729_zps3615439a.jpg

Pics of his naughty but cute niece...

 photo C360_2013-04-30-21-10-36-349_zps26bc984c.jpg

 photo C360_2013-04-30-21-10-20-567_zpsc9bdc4de.jpg

Ending this post with 2 pics of me! Lol

 photo ac545fb8-dbaa-47dc-9a36-22f9fe99906e_zps23fac836.jpg

 photo f16266d3-21e4-40b7-8e19-a1d3bfd3125e_zps8673d491.jpg

What a long post! Overall I did enjoy my day with BF very much... And he bought 200g of Famous Amos cookies for me on last Monday too, thanks dear... I don't bear to finish it!
Love it lots, what a sweet treat for me :)


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♥ Happy 22nd Birthday ♥
25 April 2013
Happy 22nd Birthday to my sis!

Here's some shots of her "mini" celebration at home and our lame family pics, hahaha.

Her cake is a fruit cake bought @ Four Leaves. Very nice! Love it ^^
We also bought some durian puffs and chicken wings for the mini celebration.

Hope she enjoyed what we prepared.

Wish you all the best in your studies, sissy :)

 photo 20130425_224839_zps8b008693.jpg

 photo 20130425_224622_zpsbe69833d.jpg

 photo c5aa0636-9664-4140-aaf1-8f35af9ecacb_zps5c85c28b.jpg

 photo 20130425_233024_zpsc9c4cbb4.jpg

Mum being lame... hahahhaa
 photo 20130425_233331_zpsc0b6cfdd.jpg

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♥ 1st post in 2013 ♥
20 April 2013
It's been a longgggg time since I logged into my blogger account and actually blogged.
Hahaha. The last time I blogged is almost a year ago. How time flies....

Many stuff happened during this 1 year, people come and go, I guess it's life.

Currently I'm looking forward to something, a huge project that's concerning my future.
I just hope everything will go well, and we will achieve the little dream we have together :)

Hope to blog more often if I have the time and hardworking enough. Lol!

Stay tuned.

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♥ Less than 2 days ♥
23 May 2012
Woohooo!!! It's me bitches!! I'm back!!! Hahahhaha!!!!
Just a short update about my wonderful week!

Guess what I saw on a Thursday morning?! Photobucket

Yes! Am gonna collect all 4! :)) Here's my first one. Photobucket

BKK trip is coming in less than 48 hours! Woohoo!
I scared that the sunblock I've bought online, wont arrive in time.
So I went to Watsons just now and bought a Maybelline BB cream, SPF50.
Hope it's good! Bought a Kate eyeliner too, in brown! I love brown liners :) Photobucket

Random ZL photos of me while working :P Uploaded from the Photobucket iPhone App

Trying to act cute~ (^_-)
Uploaded from the Photobucket iPhone App

Photo of me and darling boyfriend, taken last Saturday. I miss you bi! ^.^ Photobucket

Hmmm that's about it ya! Actually this entry is supposed to be very long.
But I accidentaly pressed backspace & the whole thing got deleted -.-

The auto save function isn't working well today. Zzzz...

So lazy to type everything again lah. Lol!
This shall be my last post before I go BKK! Woohoo!!

See you all after my trip!! =)

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♥ Seven days! ♥
18 May 2012
It's exactly a week to my first ever BKK trip!! Soooo damn excited now!!

Can't wait lor~~ Wonder how will it be?
Went to Chinatown with Jane to buy stuff for our trip the other day.
Haha, not forgetting sunblock.
The most important thing in our BKK trip, as the weather there is hot like hell.
I certainly don't wanna become "black" when I come back to sg!

Right now I'm in the bus, on the way to dearest's house to accompany for the last weekend.
Because next week flying off liao :)

Blogging via the blogger app on my iphone.
How convenient is that?
The downside is I don't know how to upload pictures here. Hmm, any experts can help me? Lol.

7 days more~~~~!!!
Woohooo!!! Actually I'm a person who hate to rush.
But as my trip is only 4d3n, we only have 2 full days to shop. So must chiong liao.

Ok. That's all! Will blog again before I go on my trip again.

Have a wonderful weekend to all my readers!!
Muacks!!! xD

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♥ Happy Mother's Day 2012 ♥
15 May 2012

Happy Mother's day to all the mummies in the world!

Hope you all had a great one.

On the actual day 13/05/2012, we went to our grandparent's house for celebration.
The whole family including my uncle, aunt and her 2 daughters,
we all went for a simple dinner at the coffee shop near grandparent's house.
Had lots of fun and laughter, the food is yummy too! :)

The celebration for my own mum is today, Tuesday.
We agreed on eating at Boon Tong Kee, the famous chicken rice.
Meet my family after work, as my workplace is just a stone throw away from the eating place.
Hmm I hope my mum enjoyed the dinner.

Me and 2nd sis supposed to share 50/50 of the bill.
Well I guessed my youngest sis 'tan dio' again.

Nevermind, wait till she grows up and go work. I'll make sure she treats us back!

Hahaha. Ok now pictures of the yummilicious food!!



Our lime juice.

Pyramid chicken rice.
Super tender steamed chicken!

This tofu is seriously DA BOMB. Soooo smooth on the inside! Photobucket

Sweet & sour pork. Everybody confirm will like this one, no matter old or young! Photobucket

I love brocoli!

Salad fruit prawn. A pretty, weird looking but tasty dish. LOL! Photobucket

After dinner, we went to the bakery nearby and bought some cakes.
I asked mum to buy my favorite cheesecake! Woohoo~

Feel so happy although it's just a normal day.

Happy Mother's day to you again my dearest mum =)

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♥ You shoot me down but I won't fall, I am titanium. ♥
13 May 2012
This is gonna be a totally random post about my weekend again! Hahaha!
Really very random and bo liao.

All pictures taken by Instagram app, this app take awesome pictures!
Can never live without it~ xD

Breakfast on a Saturday morning. So sian lor still need to work! Photobucket

Zilian while at work. I'm the only one in the office ok! Photobucket

After work went to meet bi. I saw this at Watsons!
Palty got a new packaging!! So cute pleaseeee~~ I remember dying golden colour with Jane :xPhotobucket

How I wish I can look as cute like the girl on the cover!
Although she look kinda china-ish. But still very cute mah!
Haiz too bad for me~ Don't have the super cute cute look... :(

Saw a cute passport cover so I bought it too!
My passport very expensive leh, cost me $80 to make!
So must give it a nice cover and protect it properly ^^

After that went to Bi's house. And camwhore there!
Hehehe.. Don't waste makeup, thats my rule! Photobucket



Spent some time at his house before going back home =)

Random shot on a Sunday morning. Photobucket

This cup was given to me by dearest on our first Valentine's day. Love it alot.
Been using it for more than 2 years now.
And I instructed all my family members that no one exept me can use :P Heeheeheeee.

Polkadotie slippers Sissy got for me from her BKK trip. Photobucket

Cute anot? I don't bear to wear leh, hahahaha~

Speaking of BKK, another 12 more days and I will be leaving SG!
I seriously can't wait! Will buy alot of goodies and gifts for my love, family and friends!

That's all folks!

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